From the idea to the initial sketch, from the model to the final object… “The door handle”, wrote Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa, ‘is the handshake of a building’


Architecture is usually seen as an art expressed through space and light, as if it were somehow apart from our bodies. Yet it is our sense of touch which introduces us to the building. It is the weight, solidity and texture of the handle which guides us across the threshold


Only products that truly last the test of time and are easy to install, can count as well designed


We only use manufacturers that meet our high expectations and work hard to supply products which are expertly engineered, using durable materials and with proven track records


The door handle, one of the smallest of architectural elements, can exert the most powerful of impacts


Working closely with the specifier to create a clear and detailed brief, we can then tailor the hardware and building specification to suit


This isn’t always an ‘out of the box’ option and sometimes a bit of lateral thinking is required. So be it a bespoke handle or a special finish, we have the skillset and knowledge base to help